Member Stories

Lynne and Paul

Friendship is vital to the members of Kindred Clubhouse, for some, the friendships made at our Saturday sessions really are the reason they get out of bed that morning.

From our opening in September 2016 Kindred Clubhouse members, Lynne and Paul have regularly attended our Saturday meetings, we asked them what makes them come along:

Why do you come to Kindred Clubhouse each Saturday?

Lynne:  “I like coming down (to Kindred Clubhouse) because the guys are great. I came in with a friend one day and started helping in the kitchen. I just taught them a few things – health, safety and stuff. I enjoy doing it. It gives you a purpose in life, creates a schedule for your week and, for me, I don’t see anyone until next Saturday and I really look forward to it. It might take me a few times to get out of the door, but when I do I love it. Kindred Clubhouse really gives me a purpose.”

Paul: “Friendships are the main thing that we get out of coming to Kindred Clubhouse on Saturdays. I take the train all the way from Crib Point to Frankston – 35minutes – just to come and have a chat and a coffee with everyone.”

In what ways do you feel Kindred Clubhouse has supported you to grow?

Lynne: “Kindred Clubhouse teaches us life skills too. Cooking is something that we really enjoy, the barbecue in particular. Paul is great at the barbecue.”

Paul: “I’ve come to every session since Kindred Clubhouse began. I feel like I’m more social, more confident, more comfortable and even more relaxed in social environments. Not just here, but outside too.”

Lynne: “This is a place where people come and go, you can’t hold them to coming. Part of Kindred Clubhouse is understanding that you should not force people to attend.”

Overall, member feedback is that sense of friendship created at Kindred Clubhouse is what keeps most people coming back. New members are always welcome! Don’t be afraid to come to sit down, have a coffee and a chat. There is nothing to be afraid of we’re all nice people and love to say hi.

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